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The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is one of my favourite charities, small but incredibly high impact – gets the job done with unparalleled efficiency, makes the most effective use of very small budgets and punches way above its weight.

EJF is a UK-based environmental and human rights non-governmental organisation (NGO). Its mission is to protect people and the planet, campaigning through film.

I have designed two T-shirt slogans to raise money for them, made in organic cotton from a Soil Association (SA) certified supply chain, to be sold from our online store, delivered to you by SA certified logistics.

£5 from the sale of every SAVE THE SEA and SAVE THE FUTURE T-shirt goes to support the amazing work that EJF do.

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The whole marine eco-system, on whose health all life on earth depends, is endangered by over fishing.

EJF runs field projects and works with communities, fishermen, scientists and governments in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to expose and stop pirate fishing operations. Globally they work to change policies and practices that have enabled illegal fishing to flourish, and in doing so, protect the livelihoods and food security of some of the poorest people on our planet along with marine environments and precious wildlife like sharks and turtles. EJF’s work on over-fishing has had an enormous impact in West Africa and is ongoing; we need to support this extremely effective organisation’s great work.

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All life on earth is threatened. Everything that EJF do is to do with saving the future – making sure there is one for future generations. Campaigning for an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable world, EJF fight to stop slave labour and human rights abuses in the fishing industry and cotton agriculture, promoting pesticide reduction and protection of the environment.

Check their award-winning film White Gold: an exposé of cotton agriculture in Uzbekistan involving child labour, slave labour, torture and murder and the draining of the Aral sea for 10% of its former volume due to reckless cotton irrigationone of the planet’s worst environmental disasters. I showed this film at a conference as part of my presentation, as a result two major British supermarket chains pulled out of sourcing their cotton from Uzbekistan.

Go to their site and have a look at all of their other films as well – it will change your life:

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