For 38 Degrees

“I love 38 degrees. I have worked with them and they are an amazing set-up, quick, focused, dedicated, efficient, incredibly well organised, an online campaigning community that gives you hope for the future.

In the face of the failure of our present political system, 38 degrees uses the power of social media to improve the quality of democracy in the UK.
They have had great successes, campaigning on saving the bees, stop fracking, saving the NHS, opposing the horrendous TTIP treaty, saving our woodlands from selloff, campaigning for our right to recall MPs who misbehave, saving our schools from privatisation, saving GPs surgeries from closure to mention a few, and with more funding can achieve even more.

If you are not already a member, join.

Buy a T-shirt, support 38 degrees incredible work”.

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“38 degrees alert and inform people about problems that are arising and enable them to effectively oppose them.”

“If we don’t protest about things that are wrong, we won’t survive.
38 degrees enable collective protest to be an effective political tool.”


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