Katharine Says – Marches are missing a trick



“Marches and demos are great, but they achieve very little because they have no teeth.

After this appalling behaviour by the police, whose wages we pay, I think they have had their day. People are getting hurt, and its going to get worse.

I am sick of begging, which is what petitions are. We are appealing to their better nature. They haven’t got one. Our voices are being ignored.  If we really want change we have to up our game, smarten up.

Jeremy Corbyn says ‘the only thing that affects politicians behaviour is something that threatens their chances of getting re-elected’.

We have to write to our MP’s and Party Leaders instead, telling them what we want,  that we won’t vote for them if they don’t represent our views, and will vote  instead for somebody/ a political party that does ”


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Visit: theyworkforyou.com to find out who your MP is and what they are doing for you.

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