How to have revolution without breaking a single window

GLOBAL POLITICAL CHANGE: We desperately need it now and this is how we should do it.

Marches and petitions are great but have no teeth and they are getting dangerous for protesters. They are missing a trick. We need to up our game.

As Jeremy Corbyn says, ”The only thing that affects politicians’ behaviour is something that threatens their ability to get re-elected.”

So it’s simple, if we really want to see change happen, we have to write to our MP and MEP telling them we won’t vote for them next time if they don’t represent our views.
As that probably means there is nobody to vote for, lets launch a new political party based on Direct Democracy in Switzerland, where they have referendums on whatever they want and the country is governed according to the results.

They have low National Debt.

They have low unemployment.

They have low crime.

They haven’t been involved in a major war since 1847.

They can recall their MPs.

They can change their constitution.

If 1% of the population signs a petition, they can have a referendum on anything and the country is governed according to the results.

They have 18 months notice of an up and coming referendum.

The electorate is super-informed as there is a status issue, as issues are discussed in bars and cafes and a dim view is taken of anyone who does not understand what is at stake. They read more newspapers per capita than any other country on earth.

They have representative Democracy as well, as we do here, with political parties and elected representatives, but much smaller and lower key to pass day to day laws.

 MPs  often arrive on bicycles, they desk –share and don’t have a taxpayer subsidized lobster canteen. MPs are very wary of the electorate who are often better informed than many legislators and know that if they step out of line the electorate will be down their throat like a ton of bricks.

They have no lobbying; presumably because with a set –up like this, it is a waste of time.

The country works.

People are happy and they are happiest in the cantons where they have the most referendums.

Lets copy their model and field candidates in as many constituencies as we can for the next election.

Direct Democracy MPs would have no power, their only job would be to generate referendums on local and national issues and field the results to Westminster and local authorities as appropriate.
Robots or a piece of software could practically do this.

However Capital Punishment and Human Rights should stay the way they are.

You can vote off your mobile phone.

People without internet or mobiles could go to voting centres as usual.

We wouldn’t need the house of commons – with officials wandering around in expensive penguin suits which have been paid for with taxpayers money, whilst old people die of hyperthermia in winter because they have no money for heating. We could turn it into a state owned luxury hotel, it has a prime position with river views.

All business could be done from Portcullis house.

We have 7 months to do this. Lets get the ball rolling.

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